Thursday, April 30, 2009

My newest obssession


is my boyfriend. I have a crush on Leo from Little Einsteins. I do everything with him.

I don't actually have a figurine of Leo, so I take the Little Einsteins DVD case everywhere. In the car, to the park, etc. The other day, we were at the park, and Leo had to swing with me. And we went down the slide together. I would say, "come on, Leo!" and my trusty dvd case would follow. I would slide the dvd case down the slide, and then say, "catch me, Leo" and then go down myself. Now, when other people showed up to the park, I would stop my little conversations, but I would still take the dvd case everywhere. Then when they left, Leo was my trusty friend again.

I showed him my manicure Mom gave me. She painted my nails, and I said, "Look, Leo!" And then I got all shy.

I'm 2 1/2, and I'm already boy crazy.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Dad and I go fishing a lot lately. It's pretty fun. Only problem is, we never catch any fish. We've caught a snake and a duck, but no fish. Here's a picture of the baby duck. We saved her from the very violent mating ritual that ducks have.
When Dad caught it, I kept saying, "Cute duck!"
Yes, I still have a very strong attachment to my dolly. It still goes everywhere. Now I tend to bring her carseat (which my very nice Uncle Jason gave me for my b-day) so I match Mommy with her baby.
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Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Few things about Laney...

Here I am with my buddy, Laney.

She's smiling at us now. It's awesome.
She's fat. She's a very good eater. And she LOVES her baths. She gets into almost a trance while in the bath. Nothing can bother her.
She has a large birthmark on her thigh. It looks like three blobs in a row. She's really not going to like that as a teenager.
She's got a mysterious swirly cowlick on the left side of her head. I'm very curious to see how that will work when her hair gets longer. If she's anything like me, it will be a while before we will know...
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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Drew Drew

This is my Buddy. Andrew. We LOVE playing together. In reality, we don't really play together unless we're playing on my slide in my room. We play around each other. But we LOVE it. Andrew played at our house on Saturday so his parents could go see Wicked. Here are some pics of our time together.

Andrew in my pink jacket. We didn't have his, and it was a little chilly on the porch. Probably the only time he will wear pink in his life.
After Mom styled his hair. She has too many girls and WAY too much fun with hairspray.
In the bath. We had a BLAST bathing together. Yes, this photo will be in our wedding video...

In other news, Mom and Dad went through their storage closet and found this gem. A Game Cube. It's probably been in there a year. They believe it belongs to Uncle Jason. I have SO much fun playing Mariokart with Daddy. We laugh and have so much fun with it. Thanks for letting us borrow it, Jason!
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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Not to toot my own horn...

But I'm a stinkin good big sister.

I will always ask to hold Laney, and I will sit for a good 20 minutes with her on my lap like this. I'm always soft, and as you can see, I help her keep her paci in. I hold her hand a lot too, but mostly I just look at her lovingly.

Mom can always trust me because I never try to do anything mean. If Laney starts crying, I rush to her and put her paci softly in her mouth, and say, "s'okay Laney. S'okay." If I put her paci in her mouth 3 or 4 times in a row and she refuses to keep it in her mouth, I go up to Mommy and say, "Laney hungwy, Mommy." And if she starts crying pretty hard, I say, "Laney reawy hungwy, Mommy."

I get lots of practice on my dolls, but it's much more fun with the real thing. :)
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Sunday, April 5, 2009

More happenings

Are my frog boots. Nana bought them for me when I was about 8 months old. She bought them because they reminded her of my daddy's frog boots that he wore ALL THE TIME when he was around my age.
Last week, Daddy came home with a surprise: a princess fishing pole! We have a pond behind our condo complex that has lots of fish in it, and when he brought home the fishing pole, I went straight into my room and got these beauties out of my closet. It was the perfect occasion.

We went fishing, but unfortunately didn't catch anything. Oh well. Maybe next time. It was still so much fun!

Here's the story behind this next picture:

Lexi: Daddy, wear cwown peese
Daddy: Um, no thanks
Mommy: Oh, come on hon, just wear the crown.
Daddy: Guys don't wear crowns.
Lexi: Peeeeeeeeeese?
Mommy: Pleaaaaaaase?
Daddy: Ugh. Fine.

Then Mommy gets out the camera and Daddy strikes a pose.

Daddy: This is going on the blog, isn't it?

Poor Daddy. He's totally outnumbered.

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