Sunday, November 15, 2009


On Friday, I had a daddy-daughter date, and Daddy surprised me with Disney Princesses on Ice! Oh, it was so fun. I couldn't take my eyes off the ice rink, except for the scary parts. Man, Malificent and Snow White's stepmother are scary!

This is us before we left. I didn't know where we were going, except that it involved princesses. My purse had my little princess figures in them so I could keep them close. And daddy's purse had my snacks that Mommy packed.
Thank you Daddy, for taking me on a date!
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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Happy Halloween!

Every time Mom started telling me about Halloween, I would always correct her and say, "No Mom. It's a happy happy Halloween."

She always forgot the second 'Happy', you see.

Halloween was almost as good as my birthday. You get candy, people! Candy! Just by saying 'trick or treat!' I only get candy at home if I go pee pee in the potty.

Here I am with my fairy princess costume and princess bucket for all my candy. Aren't I cute?
Laney was a skeleton. With a cute bow. And I apologize for her weird pants. This is what happens when you've been out of town and Mommy didn't get to the laundry.
Here we are with Daddy. My parents were serious party poopers this year and didn't really do anything big for Halloween. They didn't even dress up! They promised me that next year they'll be a lot better.

By the time we were done trick or treating, it was freezing. So, we went home, carved a pumpkin, ate some candy, and went to bed. Good times...
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Monday, October 26, 2009

Birthday Festivities

My birthday was on Sunday, but because Sundays are busy around here and Daddy's never home, Mom decided to do most of the events Saturday. Saturday morning I got to open Nana and Grandpa's gift- a dollhouse!

Oh man, it's the funnest thing ever!

We had pizza for lunch, and after naps I got all fancy and went to Salt Lake for my surprise- a carriage ride!
I wish we had a picture of my face. When I found out we would actually ride in the carriage, I almost lost it right there in the road.
I got to open my presents in the carriage. I totally felt like a real princess. I got some princess dress ups, books, a stencil book, Barbie movies, and a video game! And at the store I got to take Nana and Grandpa Head's money to get a crib for my dolly. Thanks Mom, Nana, Great Nana,Joy, and Gramma!
And of course, Laney was the usual ham when Mom got out the camera.

It was the best birthday ever! And then on Sunday I got to have a birthday cake with Nani and Aunty Leanne. Nani gave me a pretty doll. Thanks Nani!
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Friday, October 16, 2009

My Dawgs

This is how I was sleeping the other night. The past couple weeks I get together every doggie I have, and then my kitty. I have 6 dogs and then a kitty. So each dog has a name, and each time the same dog always corresponds with the same name. There's Daddy dog, Mommy dog, Lexi dog, Baby Sister dog, Nana dog and Grandpa dog. And the Kitty is always "Suzy."

There's almost not enough room on my bed for all of us. Usually they're lined up nice and neat on my floor, but I wanted to sleep with them that night.

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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Sorry for the lapse in blogging. I guess I feel I haven't been doing anything blogworthy lately.

Here's what we've been doing, blogworthy or not.

We went to the fire station. Much more exciting for the little boys that went. Though I did think the fire trucks should have been pink instead of red, they were still shiny and fun.

We went to the dino museum. I LOVE the dino museum. Mom never brings the camera though...

I go to preschool. Not an actual fancy smancy preschool, but one where Mom helps out every once in a while, so it's much more affordable. Or so Mom says. I love preschool!

I'm still playing princess every chance I get. It might be a phase, but it's gonna last a while.

It's officially getting colder, which means the day starts with Mom groaning and complaining. It also means that I'm not willing to give up my dresses and skirts. We'll have to buy some tights or something...

Dad's doing great as a bishop. But he still makes time to play with me.

Here I am with Laney. Aren't we cute?

Isn't she the cutest baby sister ever?!

Laney is sitting and smiling and is as good as ever. She sadly already has a favorite show: Special Agent Oso. It is to her as Wiggles was to me. Evidence of my Wiggles loving here. She's a very sweet sister and we're so lucky to have her!
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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Silly Me

I thought I'd post about some of the silly things I find myself saying lately. Here goes...

Mom had to go to Salt Lake a couple Saturdays ago to run an errand and while she was gone, Daddy said he wanted me to help him surprise Mommy with a clean house. So we cleaned the house and when she came home, I yelled, "Happy Birthday!!" Guess I've been watching Cinderella a little too much lately...

When I'm playing with my toys and I start getting bugged because my toy won't sit just right, etc. I will say, "You're driving me nuts!" I get that one from my mom. She needs to watch what she's saying a little more...

We got this dress up wood teddy bear in a library pack we borrowed, and I LOVE it. When I play dress up with Mommy, I ask her which dress she wants to put on the teddy bear:
Mommy: This one? (the yellow one)
Me: No.
Mommy: This one? (the blue one)
Me: No.
Mommy: This one? (The pink one)
Me: Yeah! It's perfect.
We do the same routine for the shoes.

Here's just a couple pics from Georgia. Enjoy.

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Friday, September 4, 2009

Goings on

Here are things we've been doing lately...

Playing tea set, of course...
Uncle Tyler is going to BYU this fall, and before his apartment was ready, he stayed with us for a couple days. He is so fun!

Isn't she the cutest little sister ever?!

Grandpa came to stay with us for a few days to ordain Daddy a high priest. We had a blast playing with him!

Okay- this first picture is of Grandpa and me when I was about 5 months old. The next is of Grandpa and Laney. I think it's cute that we have the same double chin.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Beach '09

A couple weeks ago we went to California with all my cousins and Mommy's family. It was so fun!

Mommy has a serious problem taking pictures on vacation, so there are only a few. Here they are in no particular order:

My jump rope. I was really good at jumping while holding the jump rope, but actually using it as a jump rope was quite difficult.
My cousin Addie and I. We were fast friends until a dolly or other toy got in the way. But as soon as I could surgically detach myself from my parents(I had some attachment issues), we had fun playing in the ocean together. I can see a similar picture coming in ten years too.

Again, Addie and me.

Laney chillin in the cabana... Whenever someone would come and talk to Laney or hold her, I would quickly say, "my baby sister. MY baby sister. MY BABY SISTER!"
Daddy holding a pigeon. Yes, he was pretty popular with the kids when he caught one. And another one. And another one. The adults thought it was filthy.

Aunt Joy, Laney, me, and the back of Mom's head. That's the only slight picture we have of Mom...
I had a blast. And I was a total champ when it came to taking naps on the beach. I would tell Mom I was tired, get all clean and dressed in clothes, and then sleep in the cabana for at least two hours. Mom really liked that part of vacation... For more pictures, you can go to Mom's blog.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lake Lanier, Georgia

Last week, we went to Nana and Grandpa's house in Georgia. We went to the lake every day. It was a blast! As usual, Mom took very few pictures, so here are a few of what she took. There will also be more pictures on Mommy's blog. Nana took a ton of great ones, and I'll post some when we get them.

This is Grandpa Ed. Or Grandpa Head is what we affectionately call him. :) He had his birthday a couple weeks ago, and we celebrated it while we were there. Isn't he the cutest great grandpa ever?

We took some family pictures while we were there. Again, we will get more when Nana sends us some, but here a a few. Isn't Laney cute?!

This one is cute too. This is Uncle Jason walking Jada and I back from the house boat.

This was Ladies' night, and the girls at our table. All three of us had just thrown tantrums within 15 minutes of each other. Good times...

I loved the tube! It was pretty fun going with Mommy and Daddy and Jada.

We had a 3 hour layover in Minneapolis on the way back. The last time I fell asleep on Mom was probably when I was Laney's age. I must have been really tired...
I had such a fun time! I've been asking Mom when we get to go back to Nana's house. It better be soon!

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Saturday, July 11, 2009


So, Laney likes scratching the heck out of herself. Mom stopped swaddling her (yes, I know 5 months is a long time to swaddle, but both Laney and I liked to be swaddled) and this is what she does to herself at night. Mom clips her nails every other day, and she still manages to do this.

She's not too upset about it though.
And I'm still as cute as always. :)
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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Potties and Andrew

I went in the potty finally. I got a sucker when I went in the potty. Mommy was freaking out she was so excited. I just wanted the sucker. Then the next day, I peed twice and went #2 once in my panties. Mom really doesn't know how to fix that. I'm just sticking to my stubborn self and NOT potty training.

Andrew came to play on Tuesday. Here he is playing on my slide. I'm pretending to be Sleeping Beauty so Andrew can kiss me and I'll wake up. As you can see, he wasn't interested.
What a cutie...
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