Saturday, June 21, 2008

The cute things I do...

A few cute things I did today:
1) The cat knocked over a cup on the coffee table that had just a little bit of water in it, so a teaspoon's amount fell on the table. I looked at it, put my finger in it to make sure it was in fact wet, then I got the dish towel and mopped it up. It's true. Mom watched the whole time. She was very proud of me.

2) After I was done with my fruit snacks, I walked all the way across the condo and put my wrapper in the trash. I'm so clean!
3) Mom and I go to the pool practically every day because I love it there! Well, Mom told me that I'm not allowed to eat and be in the pool at the same time, so every time I take out my snacks that Mom brings with us, I just nicely walk around the pool area and eat, and not even complain that I have to stay out.
Here are just some cute pictures from today from the pool. I love the pool! Especially this little pool that's made just for me! And it's right in our complex!
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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'm may not talk much, but I'm dang good at animal noises!

Here's my awesome cat. It really is cool. We call him "The Goalie" now.

New 'do

Mom can finally get all my hair in a ponytail... with hairspray, of course. It looks kind of goofy, but I think it's cute. Here's just a few angles so you see how little hair I really do have.

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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Bow girl

Mommy just got me tons of new bows for my new hairstyle, and she loves them so much, she wants you all to know about the girl that makes them. Her name's Miriam, and she makes flowers, bows, and corker bows, as well as binkey clips, and headband bows. These are just a few of my bows. She only charges $2 a piece, which if you have girls, you will know that it is a bargain! She's of course in Utah, and you can contact her at 801-244-1695 or if you're interested. Or you can tell Mommy and she'll help you.

I asked for plain bows, but she can use all kinds of ribbon, and she can do pairs, of course.
These are my favorite.
Here I am, sporting my red flower. Miriam also does bow holders for the wall that are oh so cute, and she can customize them to your room. We've just ordered one. Anyway, just wanted to share a total bargain with you! She makes them for grown-up hair too.
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