Saturday, May 16, 2009

relationship update

So, I had a long talk with Leo last night. I told him that I want to be long-distance friends.

You see, I still love talking to the dvd version of him, and Mommy rented a couple Little Einstein books from the library that I am ALWAYS talking to. Just this morning I had a big long flirty conversation with the book version of Leo that Mommy heard over the monitor. It usually goes something like this: "Hi, Leo! Leo Funny. Hehehehehe!" It's just the actual figurine I don't like. The other three figurines are great. Just not Leo. I prefer him to stay in my books and movies. It gives us a sense of anonymity that I like.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Guest Blogger

Hello. Leo here. I snuck onto Lexi's blog to ask your help.

You see, Lexi and I are fighting and I don't know why. Her mom finally caved and bought me, this figurine, and my other little einstein friends the other day. She was tired of Lexi taking our DVD everywhere. As soon as her mom gave us to her, she immediately threw me down on the ground and started playing with the other three. In bath time, she was talking to the other three and I was floating face down in the water. She took the other three to bed with her last night, and when her mom nonchalantly put me with them, she said, "No Mommy." And had me taken out of the room. Now I'm just laying on the coffee table with no one to play with me.

Help plead my case to Lexi. I'm a good boyfriend, I swear. I just want to be Lexi's friend again. :(
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This and That

Here are just some pictures of what we've been doing lately.

Nana came to visit for a wedding of a family friend, Jordan Dziendziel. Mom always says that she knew she was officially a Wernli when she knew how to spell that last name.
Daddy painting the rocking chair that now sits in my room. He let me help too. It's so pretty all done. Mom should take a picture.
Here I am entertaining Laney with my toys. Aren't I nice?
Here is my cheesy smile. If you look closely you will see that I'm burnt. Mommy and my new favorite place is the Thanksgiving Point gardens. We went three times this past week, and on the first day we were there two and a half hours. Mom sprayed my neck, but not the rest of me. She said it wasn't "burn weather." Boy was she wrong! We both got a little burnt and it's been a little tough doing my hair when my head is burnt. Oh well.
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