Sunday, March 29, 2009


This is my kitchen set. Grandma and Callie brought it from the store for me when they were visiting. I LOVE it. I'm always playing with it.
My favorite game is to ask Mommy what she wants to eat. I say, "What else eat Mommy?" She then will ask for cupcakes. But I know that's not nutritious. So I say, "Pizza first," and I give her the pizza.

THEN she can have cupcakes. But I say, "Careful, hot," and wait until she blows on it.

I repeat this routine about a thousand times before I'm tired of it.

Here I am painting. You gotta love my face.
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Sunday, March 15, 2009


Mommy doesn't think we look similar. She was just trying to make everything similar except the faces with these two photos. Personally I think we look different. I'm my daddy's duplicate, and Laney look a lot more like Mommy.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


The first is Laney. The second is me as a baby. What do you think? Do we look similar?

Pretty cool that we're in the same robe, huh?
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This week was the first week without any visitors to help us. We are sad that our friends are all gone. Let me tell you about our wonderful helpers.

First, now that it's just Mommy with me and Laney, most days my hair looks like this:
Wonderful, huh?
But you gotta love the smile!
So, first we had Joy. Aunt Joy is awesome! She played "Fly pretty angel" with me all the time on her bed. Mom liked her for her serious laundry skills. Every article of clothing was always clean, even with Laney exploding on all her outfits.

Thanks so much Aunt Joy for spoiling me and playing with me!

Then we had Grandma and Aunt Callie. Sadly, no pictures of Callie were taken with me. So, you'll have to settle with one with Mom back when she was fat and pregnant.

Callie always picked out cute outfits for me and did my hair all pretty. Grandma was AWESOME at playdoh. A serious expert. She would always make an entire family, including dining table with chairs and pizza. I loved to play with them so much that the playdoh would dry up and we ended up buying me a real kitchen set with little people. It was pretty awesome.
Mommy's favorite: All the delicious meals provided by these two.

Our last visitor was Nana and Grandpa. Mommy was a retard and didn't get any pictures with them! Annoying, huh? Grandpa is the funnest playmate. We would wrestle on the floor and have so much fun. Sadly, he could only stay for a couple days. Then I had my turn with Nana. She would play playdoh with me too, but she would make things like big trucks and birthday cakes and temples. It was fun too. She was a really good playmate.
Mommy pretty much neglected Nana. She feels a little bad about that. She re-read the Twilight series and wasn't much of a talker. :) Daddy said, "I can tell how good of a day you had by how many pages you were able to read." Oh well. But, her favorite thing about Nana: Always taking the baby so Mommy could nap.

This is just a cute pic of Dad and Laney.

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