Thursday, November 13, 2008

Family photos, and me.

So, we just got the CD of our family photos, and they are so cute! Especially since I was being absolutely impossible. Here's how the day went. Mommy and Daddy woke me up to go to this photo shoot to be there by 8:30. Not fun to be woken up. When we get outside, the temperature reads 37 degress. I'm actually shivering between photos because Mom the dufus didn't bring my cute jacket that matched the outfit. AND they take away my silky and my paci, which is not okay right after I wake up, to take all these dang pictures. So they were lucky to get any cute shots. Mommy is so happy she got Andee to take these for us. If you're interested in some great pics at a great price, go to

The next two posts have a few shots.

In this shot, you can actually see my silky over Mom's shoulder.
Here they were trying to get me to smile. Wasn't really working.
This pretty much sums up my feeling about the entire experience.
Always a cute shot to have Mom and Dad holding baby's hands. The best family shot will not be shown because it will be the Christmas card this year. If you're interested in a great Christmas card at a great price, go to .
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More family pics

Here's just a few more...

Here I'm totally confused as to why my parents are quishing my face off with kisses. But it's still cute, nonetheless.
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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tagged again

5 Joys
-My Dolly. I do everything with her. I spend all day pretending to be the best Mommy ever to her. I put her in her stroller, buckled of course, I put my two purses on my shoulders, put Mommy's shoes on, and push her everywhere in my house. She's my favorite toy.
-Mommy. Yes, I'm a Mama's girl to the core. I love my Mom. I don't know why because she's not that fun, but I do love her. We do everything together.
-Andrew Martin. He's so fun. I don't know why we get along so well together because he's a year younger and we don't even play together, but I love going to his house to play.
-Daddy. He's the funnest person to play with! We build huge towers together, we crawl around together, and he makes me laugh! He does the actual Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck voices when he reads to me. What other Dad can do that?
-Mickey Mouse. He's my new favorite right now. I LOVE watching the Mickey Mouse shows. I act along with all the actions, and it's so fun to finally play with my Minnie Mouse that Aunt Kim gave me when I was 5 months old.

5 Fears
-The Dark. I like having a night light in my room.
-Pete on Mickey Mouse. He's not my favorite person.
-Oddly enough, not Malificent on Sleeping Beauty
-That there's really a monster at the end of the book in Grover's book. (You'd have to read the book to know what I'm talking about)
-Cars. Seriously. Mom has to always carry me in parking lots because I'm afraid the "carsees" will hit me. I'm very much a fan of safety. Toy cars are fun though.
5 Surprising facts
-My name should have been Layla, but Mommy switched it the last days of her pregnancy.
-I add "ee" on the end of almost all my words. Cars is "Carsees," phone is "phoney," toothbrush is "brushee," etc. I figure most of the words I say already end in ee: Mommy, Daddy, Mickey, silky, dolly, baby, paci, and on, so why just stop there?
-I have something called Molluscum. A mild case. Google it if you want to know what it is. I've had it for about a year now, and hope it will go away soon!
-I have very blue eyes, but in the last few months, I have developed a ring of green right outside the pupil.
-I've always been very good in church. Since I was a baby, Mommy and Daddy never have to take me out of sacrament or their classes. And now that I'm in nursery, it's a breeze.
5 Obsessions
-Like I said, Mickey Mouse.
-Bottles for Dolly. I have to have at least one in my hand.
-My earrings. Each day I pick out the pair I want in my ears.
-Shoes. I love shoes.
-Shutting Doors. All doors have to be shut at all times. I'm pretty OCD about it.
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Here is the fourth picture from the fourth file I'm supposed to post. This sadly is not a picture of me. We all know those are dang cute. This is of Daddy when he was about 12. I think he's making that face because he doesn't want to take the picture. As you can tell, he's always liked baseball, and I'm sure I will turn out the same. Whenever I saw baseball on tv, I'd yell, "Ball!" and watch a few innings with Dad. No joke.

I tag Andrew Martin, my buddy Taylor Ireland, and Jada Wernli.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Family pics

We had family pictures taken a couple days before Halloween. Though Mommy has only seen a few of them, they are so cute! Which was a difficult task considering the fact that I refused to smile. Here's just a taste...

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Finally! Pictures and videos!

So, the time has arrived. Mom has finally gotten everything on her computer. The next posts will be of my birthday, randomness, Halloween, and our new floors.

Here's my cake. I loved it!
I love coloring. It is something I take very seriously.
Mommy loves it when I bend over this close to the page. It means I'm really focusing.
Daddy preparing for my little sister... with the cat.
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I'm blowing out the cake in this one

Here's my Sleeping Beauty dress. Yeah!

Here I am opening my favorite.. bottles for Dolly.

Here's me opening Aunt Joy's present. I love Joy!


This year, I was Sleeping Beauty (because of the beautiful dress Nana and Grandpa gave me), Daddy was my Prince Phillip, and Mommy's tummy was a Magic 8 ball. Please see below. Daddy doesn't look bad for being all last minute. Mommy made the cape that afternoon.

Yes, I was being a total stinker about pictures. I was impatient about going trick or treating, which I was very good at.
Mommy's belly
Daddy posing so nicely, with me being a stinker again.
You kind of get the side view of my outfit from this picture. I was so cute!
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Wernli's visit

As soon as I went to bed on Halloween, Mommy and Daddy ripped out the carpet to prepare for the next day. You see, Nana, Grandpa, and Aunt Limdsay came to visit and put our new floors in the very next day! It was so fun! We helped with the floors, had a Thanksgiving feast on Sunday, went out to dinner and went to this really cool trampoline place on Monday, and then they left. Well, Grandpa was here til Wednesday. I love Grandpa! (And Nana and Lindsay)

Sadly, this was the only time Mommy took out the camera. She's so bad. But it is very cute of me and Grandpa.
Here's some pictures of our old floors. These were taken back in January, so the carpet still looked pretty good. Nowadays they were getting pretty awful.
Our beautiful lenolium floors. (Not beautiful, trust me.)
The next post you will see our oh so pretty new floors!
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New floors!

Our new floors! They look so good! We were able to switch around the room a little too. We like it a lot better now.

The wood floor continues from the entry into the living room into the kitchen. It really opened up the space.

I like walking all over our floors and wheeling Dolly's stroller around everywhere.

Notice the intricacy of the pantry. The boys were very proud of their work in here. It was a very hard spot.
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Sunday, November 2, 2008

To be continued...

I know I need to update the blog. I have my two year birthday party, Halloween, family pictures, and Mommy and Daddy reflooring the condo to post about. I will do so as soon as the house is back together. I promise. :)