Monday, October 26, 2009

Birthday Festivities

My birthday was on Sunday, but because Sundays are busy around here and Daddy's never home, Mom decided to do most of the events Saturday. Saturday morning I got to open Nana and Grandpa's gift- a dollhouse!

Oh man, it's the funnest thing ever!

We had pizza for lunch, and after naps I got all fancy and went to Salt Lake for my surprise- a carriage ride!
I wish we had a picture of my face. When I found out we would actually ride in the carriage, I almost lost it right there in the road.
I got to open my presents in the carriage. I totally felt like a real princess. I got some princess dress ups, books, a stencil book, Barbie movies, and a video game! And at the store I got to take Nana and Grandpa Head's money to get a crib for my dolly. Thanks Mom, Nana, Great Nana,Joy, and Gramma!
And of course, Laney was the usual ham when Mom got out the camera.

It was the best birthday ever! And then on Sunday I got to have a birthday cake with Nani and Aunty Leanne. Nani gave me a pretty doll. Thanks Nani!
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Friday, October 16, 2009

My Dawgs

This is how I was sleeping the other night. The past couple weeks I get together every doggie I have, and then my kitty. I have 6 dogs and then a kitty. So each dog has a name, and each time the same dog always corresponds with the same name. There's Daddy dog, Mommy dog, Lexi dog, Baby Sister dog, Nana dog and Grandpa dog. And the Kitty is always "Suzy."

There's almost not enough room on my bed for all of us. Usually they're lined up nice and neat on my floor, but I wanted to sleep with them that night.

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