Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mom's having a...

Girl! Yup, I'm gonna have a little sister. I'm so excited! It will be like a real life dolly. We'll be best friends. Well, hopefully anyway...

Here's Mommy and me tonight before I went to bed. That's why my hair looks boyish. I just took a bath.
Here's Mommy's tummy. You can tell she's not too happy about taking this photo, but she promised herself she'd do better about taking pictures with this pregnancy. I think she has a grand total of two pictures while she was prego with me.
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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Another football game

Mommy remembered the camera this time to the football game.

Here I am before with my cute piggies (pigtails)
Here we are at the game, my pigtails ruined by the hat I had to wear because of the sun. Oh well.
Here's Daddy acting so excited. I love that face!
I did so well at the game! I was clapping and cheering, and during the fight game (which was played a lot because of all the touchdowns we got last week) I would raise my hands and yell, "Coogoos!" (baby for cougars). And in the crowded stadium, I was happy sitting on Mommy and Daddy's lap and just watching. My parents were so proud!
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Pigtails and bubble baths

Mom and Dad have a jetted bathtub, and every now and then, they give me a bubble bath in their tub. It is so fun! The jets make twice the bubbles.

Here I am making sure I still have feet. All I could see were bubbles!
Mommy thought it would be funny to watch the cat freak out when we put bubbles on his nose. Here I am trying to do it myself.
And now, we have pigtails. Yes, my hair can go in pigtails, even though I still might look a little like a cancer patient.
Here you get a pretty good look at them. It takes mom a long time to do it, but with a little practice, she'll get better. :)
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