Thursday, August 20, 2009

Beach '09

A couple weeks ago we went to California with all my cousins and Mommy's family. It was so fun!

Mommy has a serious problem taking pictures on vacation, so there are only a few. Here they are in no particular order:

My jump rope. I was really good at jumping while holding the jump rope, but actually using it as a jump rope was quite difficult.
My cousin Addie and I. We were fast friends until a dolly or other toy got in the way. But as soon as I could surgically detach myself from my parents(I had some attachment issues), we had fun playing in the ocean together. I can see a similar picture coming in ten years too.

Again, Addie and me.

Laney chillin in the cabana... Whenever someone would come and talk to Laney or hold her, I would quickly say, "my baby sister. MY baby sister. MY BABY SISTER!"
Daddy holding a pigeon. Yes, he was pretty popular with the kids when he caught one. And another one. And another one. The adults thought it was filthy.

Aunt Joy, Laney, me, and the back of Mom's head. That's the only slight picture we have of Mom...
I had a blast. And I was a total champ when it came to taking naps on the beach. I would tell Mom I was tired, get all clean and dressed in clothes, and then sleep in the cabana for at least two hours. Mom really liked that part of vacation... For more pictures, you can go to Mom's blog.

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