Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Which parent do I look like?

Okay, so on the top is a picture of Mommy as a baby. Then there are two pictures of me, and then there's a picture of Daddy as a baby. Tell me which parent I look like. I was going to take a poll, but it's too obvious!

I am definitely a Daddy's girl!
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More Memory Lane

Not so many for Daddy, but again, guess which one he is. It shouldn't be that hard!
The left
Second from the right
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Memory Lane

So, this is my mommy with her twin sister. Can you guess which one is Cassie?
The one on the left
Also on the left
Wow, on the left again

And finally on the left
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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Here I am trying to crawl/scoot

Goofy Jason

A night on the town

The first thing Uncle Jason does when he comes is pick me up and play with me. He's so great!
The Dziendziel's were able to come to Utah. Yeah! Here's Me, Randy, Jason, Ashley, Riley, my other Nana Heidi, and Daddy. Mom took the picture, obviously. And look how cute I am in this! I'm looking right at the camera and grinning!
Here's me eating. But I was cranky, so Mommy knows as soon as she gets out the camera, I'm smiling up a storm.
Me and my other Nana, Heidi
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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Go Mets!

Here I am in my cute new Mets outfit. Yes, I was pretty cranky at the time.
Yes, I know they just got swept by the Phillie's, but I'm not a fair-weather fan.
Go Mets! And my mom's contact lenses...
And here I am just being cute.
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Big animals

I have a funny story. My parents thought they'd be very nice to me and take me to the fair since I loved the fair in New York. So, we drove all the way to North Salt Lake so I could have fun with the animals. Well, in the time since I went to the fair in New York til now, I have developed a total fear of large animals. Daddy would bring me close to the goats and the sheep, and I would bury my face into his shoulder and start to cry. I am such a wuss now. Oh well. I liked the bunnies though. They are nice and small. Here is a picture of when I used to like big animals. This is at the New York Fair. You can't tell really well, but I am actually not afraid in front of this big bull.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Mommy getting me to laugh some more in the tub!

Mom getting me to laugh in the tub

Replica of Daddy

I was really cranky last night, so my Mom decided to get out the camera.
She knows I can't resist the camera!
Don't I look just like my daddy? Look at those blue eyes...
My Mommy would say "Ready? One, two, three!" And I would smile only when she got to three. Yes, I'm so smart. I know what to do.
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Monday, September 3, 2007

How music affects babies. Play with the volume up.

Ghetto Lexi

These pictures show you what I would look like if I were a hoodlum.
I'm not that scary, am I?
And this one shows my mohawk. Yes, I still have no hair.
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