Wednesday, January 28, 2009

No camera = no photos

Mom still has no camera. It has been three almost 4 weeks, and still no camera. Didn't she call the camera fixing place, you ask? Yes, she did. This is what they said: "Your camera is being returned to Best Buy unrepaired." Why, asks Mom. "Because the wrong paperwork was sent with it. We can't fix it unless it has the right paperwork. Best Buy will call you once they receive it."

So, this is Mommy's plan. As soon as Best Buy calls, she'll go down there and raise a little heck. They said it would take max 6 weeks to get fixed. If you do the math, that is exactly when Mommy gets induced. So, she should have had it back by then. Well, now they have to resend it to get it fixed with the right paperwork, something that was not Mommy's fault, that might take another 6 weeks.

Mommy's going to demand a rental camera. Do you think they will give her one? I don't know. But she's having a baby for crying out loud, and she needs a flipping camera. In two weeks, not 6. We should have a vote to see if Mommy will be demanding enough to get a rental camera. She's pretty persistent when she has to be...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mommy caved

This is how I think about my paci. Like a huge diamond. It is beautiful to me.

Before you go judging, there were a few stipulations to me getting a paci back.

1. I am not allowed to bite the paci. Every time Mom gives it to me, she says, "DON'T bite the paci." We'll see how long that lasts.

2. It is only allowed in my bed. When I wake up from my naps I dutifully put it right on my pillow until next bedtime.

3. I am not allowed to cry when Mommy or Daddy leaves me to sleep. As soon as I cry, they take it away.

This little thing has made a world of difference in my sleep times, which is better for all involved. Mommy doesn't care what you think. :) I'm not 4 or anything, so I can have it for a little while longer.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My new obsession

This is my new obsession. Horses. Or "horsees!!!" as I like to call them. I love playing with the toy horsees at the gym daycare, and I love going to go see the horsees. Since my parents live in farm country pretty much, we have horses about 1/8 mile away both directions, and they are usually standing right by the fence. So, Mommy takes me to see them often. I'm still pretty scared to actually pet them, and I build up the courage usually right before we leave.

And forget about actually riding on one. A couple months ago, Mom took me to 'barnyard boo' at Thanksgiving point, and bought me a pass to do the pony ride. Yeah, forget that. I was screaming my little head off until she took me off the horse. But I still love looking at horses.

Horsees are awesome.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Years Eve

I love it when my parents leave me out of all the fun. New Years Eve consisted of me going to bed at my regular hour of 7:30pm, and they took the monitor over to their good friends' house to play games until midnight. They had a ton of fun, and I was sleeping the whole time. Since our camera's not working right now (read Mom's blog for that explanation), they bummed a pic off someone else.

No, it's not alcohol. And try to find Mom. It's not too hard. She's one of the two pregnant people there. And no, Daddy can never be normal in ANY pictures.