Sunday, July 29, 2007

More Lake George

Here's my weirdo uncle Jason not wanting to get his shorts wet. And some more of how clear the water is. And also one of Lindsay with a knute on her shoulder.

Lake George

We went to the Lake one day in New York. The water was so clear! Here's a picture of my big brave mom jumping off a big cliff. I was thinking of what life would be like without a mommy.

Here's another of me laughing with Lindsay, and it's at the dog.

This is me laughing at Lindsay. She's hilarious!

New York City

Mom, Grandpa, and Lindsay went to New York City while Nana stayed home with me. Here are a few photos of them in Serendipity's. Apparently, the frozen hot chocolate is to die for. Then they walked to the temple, which is right in the middle of New York City. After that, Mom's camera died...

Petting zoo

Here are a few at the petting zoo...

More of the fair

I got to ride on an elephant AND a pony! It was so fun!

New York

Next stop on the July tour was New York. Here are some pictures of me at the fair. I love the animals!

Playing on the beach

Here are some more pictures of my playing on the beach in South Carolina. I love the beach!

On the beach

Here are some pictures of me with my parents. Aren't I cute? Cranky, but cute. :)

South Carolina

After California, we went to South Carolina for my dad's family. Here are some pictures with my cousin Jada and my aunt Tabitha. The only one happy was Tabitha. Jada and I were in cohoots to ruin the pictures. Suckers!

July 4th

Here's a couple pictures of my July 4th outfit. We were at Sea World, and these were the only pictures my parents took that day. Slackers...

California with the Proffitts

Wow! I have been gone a whole month! I can't believe it! First was the trip to California to visit my mom's family. Here are some pictures. There's some with my mom's twin, Callie. And there's some at the beach too. I love the beach!