Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My reaction to the Easter basket. Sort of anti-climactic, don't you think?

Easter basket

This is what my Easter basket looked like. Isn't it cool?

I've been obsessed with Elmo recently, so now I have my very own stuffed Elmo! He talks to me too.
Here's a close-up of "the goods." Some Gushers, some bubbles, and some peeps. The egg has a toy Elmo and Grover in it.
And some "real" pop-tarts. Mom's been giving me some gross organic pop-tarts, so now I get to have the actual stuff for a while.
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Lately, I've been very interested in shoes. Sometimes I will bring mommy a pair of my shoes so she will put them on me. Just look at my current collection of shoes and you will see why. I have a lot of cute shoes, that's why. :)

But the other day, I became fascinated with my dad's stinky, old tennis shoes. I just had to have them on!
I don't know why, but this was much more fun than having my own shoes on.
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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Cuddly toys

So, I never walk without something in my hands. I am always cuddling with Teddy, or Dolly, or any other stuffed animals while I walk. I won't go anywhere with Mommy without one of these things. It also doesn't matter which one I go to bed with, as long as I have something to cuddle with.

I believe I was upset here because I was losing Dolly, but in order to secure her I would have had to let go of Teddy. I was coming to Mommy for help.
Here I am holding Dolly, getting ready for bed.
Again, holding Dolly and the unnamed teddy bear.
Here too.
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Saturday, March 1, 2008

New Cat

Sorry I haven't posted this yet, but we got a kitty back in January. His name is Ernie. We got him from a shelter in Salt Lake. Daddy had a Siamese cat when he was growing up named Truffles, and he loved it. Mommy's only knowledge of siamese cats came from "Lady and the Tramp," so she wasn't too keen on the idea. :) But he was just too cute to pass up!

Here are a couple pictures when we just got him. Isn't he cute?

Nowadays he's a bit bigger, and he likes to play with me. I will throw a ball, and he will chase it and attack it as only cats do. Then I will catch up and throw it again. It's pretty fun, but he can be a bit of a ball hog.
He will always respond to a kissing noise, so when my parents start doing it, I will do it too, and the cat will come out to play.
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New hobby

So, this is pretty much what I do at home nowadays. I love pushing my "Big Red Car," but I always have to put something in the seat. Otherwise, it's just not worth it. In these pictures it's my Dolly. Sometimes, it's my sippy cup, my food, fruit snacks, or my bow.

Here I am, chugging along.
I'm getting distracted by Sesame Street right here. Just to let you know, I can do a mean impression of "The Count."
Aren't I good? I'm getting good at this walking thing!
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