Monday, October 20, 2008


So, Mommy and I were at the store, and we passed by some Funyuns. Yes, Funyuns. You probably haven't had any since junior high. At least, that's what Mommy says. She used to live off those things. So we picked a bag up, and enjoyed them together. We're suggesting you do the same. Go get yourself some Funyuns, for old times' sake.

I decided Dolly needed her hair done. It's pretty hard keeping that bow on her head when she has no hair. :)

The sacrifice of Dolly having my bow- my hair is not done. Oh well.
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Monday, October 13, 2008

The park!

Earlier this week, we went to the park with Kennedy and her mom. It was so fun! It was perfect weather.

We sat down to snack after swinging and feeding the ducks.
Here's cute little Kennedy.
Again, munching on the snacks. It's funny: no matter what the Mommies pack, Kennedy and I always want each other's food. Why is that?
Here I am going down the swing all by myself. I would climb up by myself, and then go down by myself. I'm getting so big!
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Here's my favorite passtime, dressing up in Mom's shoes

Football again

We went to another football game this weekend. It was so fun! I just watched everything while sitting so nicely on Mommy's lap.

Here's my good "cheese" face
Here's all three of us bundled up.
My very cute outfit that was hidden by my coat all game.
Here's just a cute picture of me concentrating very hard on my, I mean, Daddy's computer.
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Here I am seeing the first snow of the season